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I don't waste my time messing around with people who live negatively or who drain me emotionally. Instead, I spend time with those who challenge me, love me despite my flaws, and support me. Usually, this focus is zeroed in on my children, because right now, being a mother is what matters the most. I am a woman. Of course, I wish that my boobs were still perky and that my hair color was a sleek dark brown.

But I can't escape aging—no one can. Despite all of the eye creams, hair dye, and push-up bras that I buy, I am going to look older—no matter what. So instead of focusing on all of that nonsense, I'm going to take care of my body by working it, but only because I want to stick around this magical life with these magnificent people for as long as I can.

I want to make more memories with the people I choose to love and who choose to love me. I want to make more mistakes and learn from them—just like I did when I was twenty-five.

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I just wish I knew that when I was that age. So, today and tomorrow, I'll focus on keeping my mind youthful instead of buying more skincare products—because that's what will really keep me young. I've got a couple of years left until I hit 40, but I'm thinking that as always, my mother will be right. We are making efforts to get information from all candidates. Motherly does not endorse any political party or candidate. We stand with and for mothers and advocate for solutions that will reduce maternal stress and benefit women, families and the country.

Most Americans believe the time has come for paid leave , but there has yet to be a national plan that a majority can get behind. This week California Senator and presidential hopeful Kamala Harris announced her own plan, one that she hopes will resonate with voters. Harris wants every working American to have access to six months of paid family and medical leave. It's part of a platform she calls "Kamala's Children's Agenda" and is based on the idea that "every decision we make has a profound impact on our nation's youngest, most vulnerable residents.

We know that both children and parents benefit from paid family leave. Paid leave is good for babies' cognitive development. And when mothers have access to leave they are more likely to breastfeed for longer. When fathers or partners take parental leave it is good for mama's mental health which is good for children. Harris is only one of several Democrats aiming for the oval office but her plan goes further than what her peers are proposing. Former presidential-hopeful Kirsten Gillibrand proposed the Family Act as part of her Family Bill of Rights , and while she's out of the running for the nomination her plan could make it, as Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders both support it.

We don't know if Harris' plan will work or if her Children's Agenda will propel her to the White House, but we do know that America needs a paid leave plan and we're happy to hear politicians coming up with them. We can't control the challenges our children will face in life, but that doesn't mean we can't prepare them. One of the most powerful gifts we can give our kids is resilience—the ability to overcome the inevitable obstacles headed their way. Helping kids develop resilience means they will be able to recover from setbacks, rather than wallowing in them.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of well-meaning things parents say that can inadvertently hinder this developing skill. While "you're fine," may seem like just the kind of phrase to encourage grit and resilience, it's actually sending the message that kids can't trust what they're feeling.

This is another version of "suck it up. Instead, try validating your child's emotions, while using your tone and body language to send the message that you believe they will be okay. If your child falls and scrapes their knee, you can empathize and check on them without acting like it's an emergency.

Don't run over and swoop them off their feet while crying tears of your own. Walk over calmly and take a look at the scrape, asking if they are okay. This approach lets your child know that while, yes, they are hurt, their feelings are okay and they will recover. Whether it's because we're in a hurry or because it's so hard to watch our children struggle, it's easy to want to fix their problems.

This doesn't mean you can't help and support them, just try not to take over. If they're having trouble tying their shoes, it feels easier to simply do it for them than to stand by and see if they really need a little help. If they are struggling with a friend, you might want to talk to the other child's parent and try to fix things behind the scenes than let your child navigate the situation. But doing these things will only hurt in the long run. Offer the minimum amount of help they need to be successful.

Instead of simply tying their shoe for them, try offering verbal support, saying something like "now make a bunny ear. Watch your child to see how much they can handle. You want to challenge them, but not overwhelm them. There will of course be times when you don't have time to let your child do something for themselves, and that's fine too. Maybe there's no time for your child to tie their own shoes in the morning before school, but they can practice on the weekends. As they become more capable, they can do more and more for themselves.

While this little phrase might seem encouraging, telling a child something that seems challenging is easy will only take away their desire to try. Instead of telling them a task is easy, try "I know that's hard, but I think you can do it. It's not fun to watch our kids fall and get hurt, but when you see your child doing something that makes you uncomfortable, try to assess the situation.

Are they likely to get injured, or just get a little bump or a bruise? Is there a way you can spot your child to protect them without them noticing? By constantly telling our children to be careful, or that they might fall, we are sending the message that they are not safe. Every parent has to use their judgement and own comfort level with risk. If you see your toddler starting to climb up a slide and a big kid is at the top about to go down, you will likely want to stop them so they don't get kicked. But if you see your toddler climbing a ladder on the playscape for the first time, try simply being there to catch them if they fall, without letting them see your fear.

Perhaps the most important tool for teaching resilience is modeling. Does your child see you give up easily or get upset when you try something new, or do they see you staying calm in the face of challenges? It's important to let your child see you struggle, and let them see that it's okay. Try learning a new skill together so that they can see that this sometimes frustrating process is not just for kids, that everyone faces struggles when learning something new.

We want to teach our kids how to calm themselves down when they're upset, but saying "calm down" isn't the way to do this. Try saying, "let's take a deep breath together" instead. Or even look your child in the eyes and take a few deep, calming breaths yourself. We can gradually equip our kids with specific techniques to regulate their emotions. This might mean practicing deep breathing together, or asking for a hug or hugging a favorite stuffed animal.

It might mean stepping outside to take a break from a situation and experience the calming effects of nature. Help your child develop these tools when they're not too upset to hear you. Eventually they will learn to turn to them when it feels like things are in crisis. Making life too easy for our kids robs them of the chance to face the minor challenges and discomforts that help to naturally develop resilience. You can help your child gradually take over the responsibility for these tasks.

For a 3-year-old, you might remind them to carry their lunchbox and backpack to the car in the morning, instead of carrying their things for them.

Poems for Moms

For a 6-year-old, it might look like creating a checklist together of all of the things they need to remember in the morning, but putting them in charge of going through the checklist. A 9-year-old might be able to take full responsibility for remembering their things, but this of course depends on the child. Gradually increasing their level of responsibility will help them be successful. We love our children so of course we want them to be comfortable and happy and to have a great day every day, but in the end, it's more important to equip them with the tools they need for the not so good days.

I just saw this list and I am happy I did… you had me laughing and wow, you are a brilliant writer! Thanks for the advice… I will keep referring to it as I am due with my first little one in April! Hey Jean! Once again thanks. I too experienced gender disappointed for a short while. So my husband and I left the ultrasound not entirely accurate as to the gender but I still found myself disappointed if it was indeed a girl, I found myself not wanting to enjoy my pregnancy since that ultrasound Appt.

He changed my entire outlook for the positive. We kept things neutral and I still had hoped for boy and believed it actually was up until our precious baby girl came. It no longer bothered me when that moment came and she was placed on top my chest after her birth. Blessed moment of my life. Huge congratulations Casey! At the first when I see things that I should read,I thought its too much,but when I read it I wish if it was more,I like the way you are writing,it makes me interested to countinue and reading. Thank you so much for such amazing details about pregnancy.

I wish I read this article earlier during my pregnancy. I add a link to some tshirt sold by Amazon for great mom to be and dad to be. I think it is important to tell others that we are pregnant so everyone will understand you. It was an awesome article to read Adriel. Fully loaded with helpful pieces of information for parent especially for mom.

However, I am commenting after many years, but good contents are always new and always helpful. Keep up awesome writing :. Hello, I read this whole article. These points are very helpful. Sweet and informative but we must also remember —not all first time moms have a husband or ability to breastfeed.

I found this great resource to help other pregnant women! MothertoBaby is a nonprofit organization that answers our questions about exposures to baby, completely free. It was a great read. My husband will read this too. Huge congrats Barbara!!!! The greatest feeling in the world is being a mother. Congrats to you Barbara! Thank you for sharing your experience. Congrats to first time moms out there! Well written, it was nice to read. I have a question for the sleeping part. Have you used any methods? Did you hear about something like that? Do you have your own solutions? Thank you for sharing,well said….

Nice Article very informative. The best feeling on earth is to become a mother. So congrats to all mom out there. Can you please suggest me a perfect mattress? I wish and I hope mothers can find this article, it would answer all most all the questions they have around pregnancy and giving birth. I LOVE this. Being pregnant will be so much fun! Millions of expecting parents and parents to newborns connect with each other, and hundreds of experts and doctors to learn about proper parenting. From pregnancy tips to recipes, we have it all. Get helpful tips, recipes, milestones and medical tests that are helpful at every stage of your parenting journey, you can contact here.

I have been blessed by the greatest joy and privilege of being in motherhood. But this joy brings along a of responsibility towards myself and my to a born baby. With my curiosity to know things about motherhood, I came across your post. I am so happy to see little things that I need to know. Thank you for such detailing post. Motherhood is such an awesome and challenging job, hope to complete it with full justice. Really loved it thanks for sharing such a wonderfull story and congratulations on ur th post i really am happy for u may you have a wonderful life ahead.

Thank you for your sharing such a beautiful journey of your pregnancy and your Posts. There are so much things i have learned from your posts, from 1 to Most people take a few months to get pregnant anyway.. Yes, it is but i feel like it takes me forever and ever, first time mom Twins pregnancy at weeks 30 and summer heat in Las Vegas, i was like..

Thanks to your post, its guide me to the right paths and give me encouragement to go through and to get prepared. What a great content, I really liked your content.

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Wish you all the best. I am a regular visitor of your website, please keep writing. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Follow Adriel on Instagram. About pregnancy: 1. Wear fitted clothes — your bump is beautiful and you look cuter without extra frump. Enjoy that beautiful skin. In light of 19, be prepared to change your mind later if you need to.

About labor and giving birth: Giving birth is messy. Really messy. You know that? Ok then, remember it. Make sure your husband knows how to quickly and efficiently find the ice machine. Labor is hard work, but you were totally made for it. Go for it, girl. About postpartum recovery: About breastfeeding: Breastfeeding will sometimes feel like one of the most annoying things you ever do. About caring for your baby: About being a first-time mom: Diaper bags are for carrying important things, like snacks for mommy.

Your baby will sleep through the night sometimes… and when he does you will have insomnia. Keep in mind that immunizations are harder for mama than for baby. Be prepared to wonder if you ever knew what love was before you had a child. WeNeedEachOther Need some encouragement in there instead? Adriel Booker Adriel Booker is an author, speaker, and advocate based in Sydney, Australia who believes storytelling, beauty, and the grace of God will change the world. Reply cooperl 28 July at am This list cracked me up at some spots and had me tearing up at others.

Reply furygirl 28 July at pm What a great post, thanks so much for sharing! So true! Reply the mombshell 28 July at pm when I was looking at the pictures of you while pregnant and then postpartum I puked a little in my mouth from jealousy. Reply my shy thai 28 July at pm SO many good ones, all good ones!

I especially relate to 63, 64 and 67! Reply Livy 28 July at pm I liked your list. Reply Kayla 28 July at pm Love this post! Reply Chelsea Pearl 28 July at pm I loved the list! Reply Jhen. Stark 28 July at pm Fan-freakin-tastic! Reply Amy 28 July at pm hahaha! So true, so true… Great list, and congrats on your th post!

Reply Jamee 28 July at pm Love this list even though I can only relate to 43 and beyond! Reply Erica 28 July at pm My son is 10, and your list made me miss his babyhood so much more than I already do! Reply Andrea 28 July at pm So cute. I love breaking the rules. And you did it with such style. Reply Amy 29 July at am I loved this celebration of your th post! It was so informative, honest and funny. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. Don't be a stranger!

Reply Melissa Confessions of a Dr. Mom 29 July at am Congratulations on your th post! Reply Tori 29 July at pm Aww, I loved this post! So sweet. Reply Jill 30 July at am You said it girl. Reply Rachel 30 July at am I love it! This was just perfect for me today! Reply KLZ 30 July at pm This is a great list but I am distracted by the dress you are wearing in the first photo. Reply ohmygoddess 30 July at pm i absolutely love your list! Reply Cameron 1 August at am Seriously, oh my gosh.

And happy posts!!!! Reply The Empress 23 January at am This was so sweet. I can see the joy in your face. I was that way, too. THank you for helping me remember. Reply Carly 28 November at am Pinterest brought me here. Reply Adriel 15 December at am I wish you all the best Carly!

Reply Veronica 4 December at pm I absolutely loved this list. Reply Adriel 15 December at am Absolutely Veronica!! Reply brianne 5 December at am Loved this!!!! Reply Adriel 15 December at am haha, well, i wish i could have read it before i had my first son, too! Reply kati 30 December at am Enjoyed reading your post! Congrats on your th post as well! Reply Jen 31 December at pm I love 99 of the tips on here.

Reply Chloe 2 January at pm Thanx so much for this post. I was excited when I realised you were down under! Reply Rosanna 15 January at pm Nowhere near being a mom but still superuseful, for later. Reply Liz 25 January at am I just found this and after just having my 2nd I agree with everything you wrote especially about the unplanned c-section I will be passing this along to many of my first time preggo friends.

Reply Adriel 2 February at am thanks for visiting liz. Reply Holly 1 February at am It was sooooo gd to read a positive post about pregnancy, birth and mummyhood!! Reply Adriel 1 February at pm of course you should wake your baby to eat if medical reasons require you too.

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Reply techkim 13 February at am First list that really is true. I especially like Reply Kristen 15 February at am Any suggestions on what will make pregnancy more enjoyable for my wife? Reply Crystal 15 February at am Adriel, Let me first start by saying that I loved reading this post! Reply Kat 21 February at am Thank you so much for this. Reply Allie 8 March at am I loved the list! Reply Melanie 9 March at am I loved this post. Reply Adriel 9 March at pm thanks for stopping by melanie.

Reply Yaritza 13 March at pm Beautiful, amazing and funny! Reply Adriel 21 March at pm thank you for reading yaritza. Reply obat kutil kelamin 18 March at pm This perpetuation of the ease of breastfeeding needs to stop. Reply Adriel 22 April at pm glad you found it fun and encouraging jasmine. Reply Louise 1 April at pm I had a good laugh! Could relate, thanks for the piece loved it! Reply Adriel 22 April at pm glad i could contribute toward a smile louise.

Reply Victoria 19 April at am My little guy is 5 weeks old and I appreciated reading this! Reply Adriel 22 April at pm haha! Reply Adriel 22 April at pm Thanks for taking the time to share you perspective Natilee. Reply Courtney 14 May at pm Thank you for this post! Reply Adriel 14 May at pm Ah yes, the wait is hard!!

Reply Katie 21 May at pm A wonderful list! Well written — love the truth sprinkled with the wit. Reply Pam Carmody 6 June at pm Thank you for this post. Reply Adriel 7 June at pm Thank you for sharing Pam! Reply Miley Adam 20 June at am Many many thanks for this valuable sharing with new moms and upcoming moms like i found your post very helpful to me because i will be a mom soon. More importantly, congratulations! Reply Emily 20 June at pm At 30 years of age, I find myself unexpectedly expecting my first little one. Reply Brooke 23 July at am I just stumbled upon this and I just want to say thank you.

Reply Rachael 1 August at pm Love this post! Reply Karla 11 August at pm This was amazing to read. Reply shaboopi 21 August at am This just made me laugh so hard! Reply Anna 24 September at pm You wrote great things. Reply aswathy 16 October at pm I just loved reading this so much! Reply Baby Care 8 November at am In the starting time of your baby you need more work and more attention to give real proper maintenance for your baby. Reply Mumzone 10 November at pm I had a baby in winter and after not feeling the cold for so long whilst pregnant I suddenly really noticed it and found I had to wear extra clothes to keep warm.

Reply mumzone 5 January at am Nice post and congratulation for your Baby. Reply CN 16 January at pm This is a wonderful site!! Reply Victoria 22 January at pm I really like this my fiancee and me are trying to have a baby and i am looking up peoples opinions on mother. Reply Lucyca 5 February at am Hi It the great post and all about pregnancy. Reply name 11 February at am Well written article. Reply Amy Louise 18 February at am I love this post and am so grateful to have found it! Reply mummy2b 27 February at pm Nice post! Reply Charmaine 3 March at pm Hi, I am going to be a mommy in September, well thats what the doctor estimates but I am sure we all know babies have a mind of their own … I am 10 weeks pregnant and I am loving every second of it.

Reply Brooke Cason 6 March at am I love your tips! Reply Stephi 28 March at am So i am pregnant for the first time I am 20 years old, and i have honestly have never been so happy or so excited about anything in my life. Reply Megan K 5 April at pm Hello! Reply Adriel Booker 13 April at am congratulations megan.

Reply Laura 15 April at am Adriel, where were you and this advice and encouragement 33 years ago when I was a first time mom? The baby years go so fast! Reply Sarahjeffries 7 May at pm After any delivery, a mother needs to allow her body to rest and heal. Reply Ria 2 June at am I can totally relate! So true!!!! Reply Adriel Booker 5 November at pm thanks for stopping by ria! Reply Lynn McCrankerton 1 August at am As a mother of 6, these nuggets of knowledge truly are things that are spot on!

Reply Adriel Booker 5 November at pm Ha! Reply Fabiola 28 August at am i loved this post. Reply Adriel Booker 5 November at pm thanks so much for stopping by fabiola! Reply Penny 29 September at pm wow, thank you for this article. Reply Gustav 7 October at pm As a parent even if you get tired you will never felt it despite you will still feel inspired because of your love to your baby.

Reply Ashley 15 October at am Hi Adriel, I am 12 weeks pregnant with my first child, youre site has really informed me alot about pregnancy and all that fun stuff. Reply Adriel Booker 5 November at pm thanks for visiting ashley. Reply Baby Insider 17 October at am Did you know that babies are learning more in the first 3 years then during the rest of their lives?

Reply maroschane 21 October at am absolutely love your post, every single point mentioned had me in stitches cause i kept thinking back to my early days as a single mom. Reply Adriel Booker 5 November at pm thanks for reading! Reply Lauren 3 February at am Loved your post!! Reply Natria 10 February at am I loved reading this it has helped me a lot! Reply Adriel Booker 31 March at pm Yup, see Reply Nicole 11 March at pm This is such a great post!

Reply Dee 18 April at am Thank you for this. Reply Luke Yancey 12 July at pm Thank you for your heartfelt advice when it comes to pregnancy.

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Huge congrats on your baby! Reply sunidhi 15 July at pm Thanks for sharing. Reply Cynthia Simmons 23 October at am Very useful guides. Thank you!! Reply Katie 21 November at pm I just saw this list and I am happy I did… you had me laughing and wow, you are a brilliant writer! And congrats on your little one!! Reply jean 23 November at am awesome read.

Reply kumar 2 December at pm Thanks for sharing. Reply Casey 7 December at am I too experienced gender disappointed for a short while. Reply Anasheh 28 December at am At the first when I see things that I should read,I thought its too much,but when I read it I wish if it was more,I like the way you are writing,it makes me interested to countinue and reading.

Reply Hanna 19 January at am Thank you so much for such amazing details about pregnancy. Reply Rev. Paul Michael 10 April at pm It was an awesome article to read Adriel. Reply cathy m. Reply s wms 28 September at am Sweet and informative but we must also remember —not all first time moms have a husband or ability to breastfeed.

Reply Adriel Booker 1 October at pm Of course! Reply Kelsey 30 November at am I found this great resource to help other pregnant women!

What’s behind the“Tiger Mother” craze?

Most Americans believe the time has come for paid leave , but there has yet to be a national plan that a majority can get behind. Instead, offer them the chance to live it out! It would be wrong if I ended this article without mentioning the amazing mushrooms. It keeps this system circulating properly. So we demand more from them—more companionship, more achievement, more happiness.

Reply Barbara 19 January at pm Thank you so much for this. Thank you :. Reply Stephanie Cole 14 February at pm The greatest feeling in the world is being a mother. Reply Olivia 28 February at pm Well written, it was nice to read. Reply Ntando 9 March at am Thank you for sharing,well said….

Various authors identify the character of Radha with Hindu mythological goddesses and characters, such as Radha the lover of the god Krishna , personifying love and romance , Sita the divine heroine of the Hindu epic Ramayana , personifying high moral value , Savitri representing great morality and loyalty to husband , Draupadi personifying duty and morality , Dharti-mata earth-mother goddess and Lakshmi Hindu goddess of prosperity.

Besides these gentle goddesses, the character of Radha has shades of more ferocious warrior goddesses such as Durga and Kali. Shamu another name of Krishna , Radha's husband who leaves her, is also equated with Krishna, who left his lover Radha in mythological accounts. According to professor Nalini Natarajan [44] of the University of Puerto Rico , Nargis's Mother India is a metonymic representation of a Hindu woman, reflecting high Hindu values, with virtuous morality and motherly self-sacrifice.

According to Indian film scholars Gokulsing and Dissanayake, while aspiring to traditional Hindu values, the character of Mother India also represents the changing role of the mother in Indian cinema and society in that the mother is not always subservient or dependent on her husband, refining the relationship to the male gender or patriarchal social structures. In a review in The New York Times , film critic Dave Kehr compares the film with Stella Dallas for the thematic similarity of the series of sacrifices made by the female lead, and with Gone with the Wind as an epic mirroring social upheavals.

It echoes the tale of a modern India, liberating itself from "feudal and colonial oppression". In a study of media and popular culture in South Asia, author Mahasveta Barua draws a parallel between the film's metaphorical representation of the mother as nation, and the metonymic identification with India that Indira Gandhi , India's only woman prime minister, sought and tried for during her tenure —77, and —84 [63]. The Radha—Birju relationship is described to have " Oedipal elements " by many authors; [67] Virdi has argued that in her chastity, Radha channels her sexual desires into maternal love for her sons who effectively become "substitute erotic subjects".

She interprets Birju's sexual advances on a village girl which is incest in north Indian village culture [e] as being a substitute in the plot for the incestuous mother—son relationship and his death at the end as a punishment for violation of the taboo. Authors such as Eshun and Woods state that Radha and Ramu are the archetypal champions of virtue in battling hardship and injustice, while Birju is a mischievous child who becomes the anarchist whose uncontrollable rebellion destroys order. Film scholar Vijay Mishra has pointed out the presence of the "highly syncretic hyphenated Hindu—Muslim nature" of Bollywood in the film.

In Mother India , a piece of Hindu myth-making directed by a Muslim socialist, Mehboob Khan, the Indian peasant women is idealised as bride, mother, and producers of sons, as long-suffering, stoical, loving, redemptive, and conservatively wedded to the maintenance of the social status quo. But for Bad Birju, cast out from his mother's love, she becomes, as one critic mentioned, 'that image of an aggressive, treacherous, annihilating mother who haunts the fantasy of Indian males'.

The production team had planned to release Mother India to commemorate the tenth anniversary of India's independence on 15 August , but the film was released over two months later. Government ministers and other officials were invited to the premieres, and a special screening was held in Rashtrapati Bhavan the presidential quarter in New Delhi on 23 October ; the event was attended by President Rajendra Prasad , Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and his daughter Indira Gandhi.

Impressed with the film's nationalistic message, Chief Minister of Bombay State Morarji Desai granted it exemption from the entertainment tax in the state. No reliable data is available on the box office earnings of Mother India. It was in continuous distribution in theatres in India until the mids. Released in , it was not well received. Mother India was dubbed in several European languages including Spanish, French and Russian; it did substantial business in Greece, Spain and Russia and was released in the Eastern Bloc countries.

The initial international version with English subtitles was 40 minutes shorter than the Indian release. Baburao Patel of the film magazine Filmindia December described Mother India after its release as "the greatest picture produced in India" and wrote that no other actress would have been able to perform the role as well as Nargis. In a article in The Village Voice , film critic J.

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Positive Mama-To-Be: your little guide to the positive mama inside - Kindle edition by Justine Bradley Moreland. Download it once and read it on your Kindle . To hold you, inspire you, guide you, protect you, and love you with all my Joy of Mom, Chicago, IL. exactly how i feel! being a mommy is such a blessing.. its so .. Most expectant mothers know the story you have an idea in your head of how . Quotes | Life Quotes | Friendship Quotes | Daily Quotes | Positive Quotes .

Hoberman described the film as "an outrageous masala of apparently discordant elements. Mother India , its star Nargis, and the director Khan received many awards and nominations. Additionally, this version had English subtitles, [98] and dropped Mehboob Productions' logo, which featured the Communist hammer and sickle , to appease the Academy. The score and soundtrack for Mother India was composed by Naushad. The lyrics were by Shakeel Badayuni.

It was not particularly well received upon release, and critics said it did not match the high pitch and quality of the film. The review gave the album 7. Mother India is the earliest example of a Hindi film containing Western classical music and Hollywood-style orchestra. It features a powerful symphonic orchestra with strings, woodwinds and trumpets.

64 Positive Things to Say to Kids

This orchestral music contains extensive chromaticism , diminished sevenths , and augmented scales. Anne Morcom writes in Hindi Film Songs and the Cinema that the piece is unmelodic and "profoundly disturbing". Mother India has been described as "perhaps India's most revered film", [] a "cinematic epic", [32] a "flag-bearer of Hindi cinema and a legend in its own right", [] Mehboob Khan's magnum opus and an "all-time blockbuster", which ranks highly among India's most successful films. But this heartrending tale filled Indians with hope and pride then.

Mother India is ranked No. Representing both motherhood and Mother Earth, who also nurtures and occasionally punishes, Nargis immortalised the Indian mother on celluloid. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Hindi film. For the national personification of India, see Bharat Mata.

For other uses, see Mother India disambiguation. Play media. Bollywood portal. Statistical Abstract of the United States , p. The maximum number of prints for a film in those days were usually around However, Mehboob applied for the permission to import stocks needed for prints.

As a result, a prolonged negotiation between the import authorities and Mehboob Production ensued. The data on exact import amount is not available. Representation of the nation as mother were evident in paintings, literature, music and commodities such as calendars.

Chatterjee , p. Chatterjee mentions that the director undertook "tremendous effort to bring the film to the release print stage as quickly as possible and dispatch it to the Technicolor office in London. Mehboob then proceeded to London for the final editing and colour correction, and Irani accompanied him for sound editing. Oxford University Press.

Archived from the original on 8 January So most dialogue-writers and most song-writers are from the Urdu discipline, even today. Retrieved 3 October Archived from the original on 3 October The Velvet Light Trap. Bollywood Cinema: Temples of Desire. Psychology Press. Terrorism, Media, Liberation. Rutgers University Press. The Times of India.

The Times Group. Archived from the original on 18 December Retrieved 11 July Retrieved 11 September Archived from the original on 13 August Retrieved 11 August The Economic Times. Archived from the original on 14 October Retrieved 21 October Social Scientist. Archived from the original on 19 November Retrieved 4 October On this website, click "view list" under movies. Then in the search box, search for Mother India. Archived from the original on 7 February Retrieved 5 March Directorate of Film Festivals. Archived PDF from the original on 3 November Retrieved 2 September DNA India.

Archived from the original on 24 September Retrieved 2 August Barua, Mahasveta In Bahri, Deepika; Vasudeva, Mary eds. Between the Lines: South Asians and Postcoloniality. Temple University Press. Archived from the original on 15 May Baskaran, S. Theodore In Patel, Bhaichand ed. Bollywood's Top Superstars of Indian Cinema. Penguin Books India. Archived from the original on 12 May Archived from the original on 15 July Archived from the original on 11 July Archived from the original on 8 July Archived from the original on 3 July Chakravarty, Sumita S. National Identity in Indian Popular Cinema: — University of Texas Press.

Hindustan Times via HighBeam Research subscription required. Archived from the original on 10 June Retrieved 18 June